Design Flaw Delaying Biddle Project

MEDFORD, Ore. — Construction work on a major intersection in Medford will be further delayed.

Since last winter, crews have been working to modify the turn lanes and put in new signals on Biddle and McAndrews Road. For many driving on Biddle toward McAndrews Road, there has been frequent stalls, and public works officials say expect more of it because the island located on Biddle was built wrong.

Officials say it’s too big and larger cars are unable to turn right as easily. Public works officials explained Regency Center, a developer in Portland, designed the construction plan for that area then, city officials approved that plan but did not catch the design flaw with the size of that island. They say Regency Center will be paying for the chunk of the concrete work and the city will be paying some portion to move the control box and foundation.

“I don’t know how long its going to take them to go ahead and finish project but it seems like it’s kinda been drawn out for quite a bit,” said local driver Mercedes Graham

“For heaven sakes, I would just like for them to get it right the first time. Take the time, to check it out and get it right the first time,” said Kathleen Fritz, another local driver.

City officials approved the new design plan for the island this week and plan to start construction Monday. The city will be paying about $5,000 for the re-do work. NewsWatch12 tried contacting Regency Center to see how much they’re paying but the developers did not return our calls. City officials say it should all be done within two weeks.