Deputy D.A. Speaks on Murder Case

wimer murder contROGUE RIVER, Ore. — Detectives are not slowing down at the scene of the double murder case in Rogue River. Law enforcement officers are still serving search warrants on Susan Monica’s property.

Deputy D.A. Allan Smith says the victim has adult children in the area, but he believes the victim has more family out of state. The autopsy results are still not in, most likely because the medical examiner is busy with other cases covering six counties.

This is a MADIU (Major Assault Death Investigative Unit) case. MADIU is a term reserved only for serious deaths, usually homicides, or in cases where an officer shooting was involved and nearly every local agency will respond.

But even with the extra help with the case, the Deputy D.A. says the property’s size is causing a bit of a challenge.

“I know we’ve had search and rescue volunteers assisting and I think they could probably continue to use those people but on such a big property in a situation like this our resources are obviously somewhat limited,” said Smith.

The Deputy D.A. says the investigation is still underway. The grand jury returned the indictment for Monica. According to the Jackson County Court, Monica will be arraigned on Tuesday.