Deputies Warn Boaters of Water Hazards

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is warning anyone out on the water of hazards before the holiday. The drought has impacted gravel bars and certain channels on the Rogue River.

“It’s the changing of one year to the next that you know people come out here for the first time they don’t know what changes have happened,” said Jackson County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Deputy Shawn Richards.

This year’s changes include lack of rain, revealing more rocks and more hazards.
“In our stretch of the rogue, there are more sandbars because of we as we all know we need more precipitation and there are water issues this year so there are areas that are much shallower that are creating problems for boats,” said Jackson County Sheriff’s Department’s Andrea Carlson.

Already this season several boaters have had crashes on an island near TouVelle Boat Ramp. There’s a new, narrow passageway that some inexperienced boaters may think they can run.

The best advice for water recreation this summer is to scout before you go forward. Richards recommends getting out above the rapids and hiking down to check them out first.