Deputies Continue Escaped Inmate Search

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – Multiple law enforcement agencies were out combing through Jackson County, looking for an escaped inmate. It’s one of many searches by the sheriff’s office, but deputies are still coming up empty-handed. Bradley Monical escaped from the Jackson County Jail last week, by jumping off the third floor of the building to a nearby tree.

Sheriff Mike Winters says deputies took a systematic approach on Wednesday, starting from Highway 140 out toward Klamath Falls. The search started at 8 a.m. Deputies stopped by every home and business along the highway asking people if they spotted Monical.

Some people thought they saw him, but after further investigation those sightings turned out to be false. Sheriff Winters says Monical has relatives in the northwest area.

“We’re not going to discuss who they are, where they are  or anything like that. But you know, he has some contacts. Whether he’s going to contact them I don’t know but like I said, we’re in this for the long haul,” said Sheriff Winters.

Sheriff Winters says there will be immediate changes inside and outside of the jail in the wake of the escape, he will not be detailing the specifics because of security reasons.

The sheriff’s office is also going back to hospitals, restaurants and businesses they contacted last week to see if anyone has spotted Monical.

There is a reward of $6,000 for anyone who has information that leads to his arrest. For more information on Monical and the investigation, click here.