Demonstrators Rally for Plastic Bag Ban

PLASTICASHLAND, Ore. — Protesters in Ashland are planning a demonstration to ban plastic bags in the city.

According to Environment Oregon, more than one point seven billion plastic bags are used every year statewide; that’s about 500 plastic bags a person.

Supporters of the ban say the bags are environmentally unsafe, and only a citywide ban will keep them from doing harm.

“Even if we educated 100% of the populace, people would still be using plastic bags. So I think it is important for us to actually put a ban on plastic bags so that the businesses will stop providing it, and then the consumers will follow suit,” said Shaun Frank, an SOU student activist.

Plastic bags are already banned in Portland, Eugene, and Corvallis. Supporters say they hope to convince Ashland City Council to draft a similar ordinance. The demonstration is scheduled for Monday night’s council meeting.


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  1. Fred says:

    Why is it not being reported that environmentalist were the people who insisted plastic bags were better than paper. After all it would “Save The Old Growth Trees”. Seems to me this is just a problem created by uneducated people who all mutter the same idiotic mantra. After all Oregon was an Early adopter of plastic bags. If you have lived here long enough you would remember when some stores BANNED Paper bags just to save the trees.

    1. Marla says:

      It is about using cloth bags or recycled paper bags, not new paper bags. This is now, not then. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes :-)

  2. Matthew A. Eldridge says:


    I cannot agree more with you! We drank that Kool Aid and now somehow, we are supposed to back this mantra? Good jobs that could have solved our counties’ fiscal crisis could still be here. Don’t get me wrong, I think as a society, we can do better, however, I would much rather listen to a business person than an SOU student activist–as an undergraduate Alumni of SOU, was involved in University and local politics (still active in my local community), I just cannot help but appreciate your well articulated response.

    Let me also give Kudos to this news’ organization for allowing us consumers to respond, too! I don’t know about you, I re-use those plastic bags, at the same time, if they would make them a little more durable, I would not need to have as many either. As a former cashier for one of Medford’s largest grocery store chains, I was not allowed to actively use paper bags unless the consumer asked, nonetheless, when I did use paper, I used far less bags and also more securely packaged people groceries.

    On the national level it is war on trans-fats and now locally plastic bags?!? I would like to see this being a State wide debate and not little pockets deciding to ban or not ban them. That only makes doing business harder. Consistency is warranted. I don’t think on a State wide basis this would pass because there is far less of Eugene, Corvallis, PDX, and Ashland minded people. There are many good people in these cities (please don’t mis-understand that comment) but all in all, the acceptable standards are not universal in this State.

    Thanks for your logical thoughts!

  3. Phil Davies says:

    First fructose was supposed to save us from the evil sucrose, now fructose is the evil 1. Now plastic bags, which were to save the earth from paper bags must be eliminated to save the earth . I got news for you. 7 billion people are GOING to have an impact. The SKYNET robots were right…

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