Del Norte Discusses Jefferson State

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CRESCENT CITY, Calif. — A move to create a new state out of Northern California counties disenchanted with Sacramento leadership appears to be growing.

Tuesday morning, rancher Mark Baird, who leads the attempt to withdraw from California in Siskiyou County urged Del Norte County supervisors to consider joining the movement.

He noted that in a month, Siskiyou and Modoc County have voted with part ways with Sacramento and form a new state of Jefferson.

“I submit to you that the way this country was meant to run was with bottom-up management. I imagine a state where counties would have the lion’s share of the power and where the state would be relegated to do what states do which is a liaise with the Federal government and act as a liaison between counties,” said Siskiyou County rancher Mark Baird.

A public meeting at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds will give local residents a chance to learn more about with state of Jefferson movement and how the county can legally withdraw from the state.