Del Norte Considers “State of Jefferson”

State of JeffersonDEL NORTE, Calif. — The movement to create a 51st state is gaining traction, with another Northern California county promising a vote.

There’s an attempt to make a so-called “State of Jefferson” out of Northern California counties, who have said they are not being represented in their state.

The man leading the attempt said the latest county to consider the idea is Del Norte. He said the county voted Tuesday to place the issue on the June ballot, but as an advisory only.

Siskiyou County has already made the vote to withdraw from the State of California and two other counties, Glenn and Modoc, are on board as well.

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  1. Ron Parenteau says:

    I am very much interested for more information, and a contact name where I could become involved with the movement, and sign on to be one of many that would “make a better state”

    Ron Parenteau
    11266 Mt Ashland Ski Rd
    Ashland OR 97520

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