DeFazio Makes Petition for USPS Support

SALEM, Ore. — U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio and a group of Oregon lawmakers are trying to find a way to avoid Postal Service cuts. Congressman DeFazio’s bill, the Postal Service Protection Act, will prevent post offices from shutting down, save American jobs and remove a strict pre-funding requirement for healthcare and pension funds, one of the standards responsible for the agency’s financial losses.

DeFazio joined legislators and postal workers in a small rally Tuesday on the steps of the state capitol to support the USPS. DeFazio is trying to collect signatures for a petition to ask the Obama administration for support prohibiting certain cuts and changes to the Postal Service pension and health care plans, “I need help from the White House, the President; he can fire some jerks who are running the institution into the ground.” The Congressman must obtain 100,000 signatures by May 24th in order for the White House to respond.

He criticized the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mickey Barnett, for not knowing the price of a stamp, “These are people supposedly in charge of saving the Postal Service and making it more efficient; no, they’re destroying it.”

The Postal Service is billions of dollars in the red and has proposed eliminating Saturday delivery as a way to save money. DeFazio hopes to make a plan to get that money repaid. A link to his petition can be found below.




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  1. Joseph Errante says:

    The pot office is a life line to many seniors and the mail people check to see how they are doing daily.

  2. Marie Errante says:

    I depend on the mail to get my medications and to stay in contact with all my relatives.
    Thank you

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