Decisions on Medical Marijuana

POT LAWSGRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Grants Pass City Council voted unanimously at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting to enact a one year moratorium on dispensaries.

The moratorium spans from May 1st, 2014 through May 1st, 2015. However, the Council also approved an ordinance to ban medical marijuana within City limits altogether.

Therefore, even after the moratorium expires in 2015, medical marijuana dispensaries will still not be legal in the City of Grants Pass. In addition to Grants Pass making a decision, the Talent City Council also voted to approve a moratorium.

Talent’s moratorium starts today and expires on December 31st, 2014. The catch with dispensaries in the City of Talent is that existing dispensaries who have already received their licenses from the City and the State, or if a dispensary owner has applied for a license before today’s date, will not be affected by the moratorium and can continue business as usual.

Any dispensary owner applying for a business license between today and December 31st will not be approved.


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  1. Annie says:

    Maybe all those sensible people who chose not to vote on this issue will do so as soon as we can get it back on the ballot & put an end to this nonsense.
    IF this is a true medicine then it should be put under legitimate prescription & controlled just as other medicines are. Who in their right mind would let a patient do whatever they wanted with morphine or methadone? Same rules should apply to this dangerous weed for those that it might actually help.
    To let this type of thing run amok & be distributed by the growers & users is insane..

    1. Billbo39 says:

      >To let this type of thing run amok & be distributed by the growers & users is insane..

      Oh you mean like what’s already going on currently?

  2. Annie says:

    Yes. I do mean just that.
    1 of the 1st things we learned in medical school was NO SELF MEDICATION. No UNSUPERVISED, (by a qualified physician) addictive or mood affecting drugs are to be administered.
    Heavy drugs–pain killers for 1 affect the brains’ thinking abilities & 1 can not decide on their own without appropriate supervision what the dosage should be. To self medicate is insanity.
    Did any one even check to see if the votes were all appropriate? Does any one know if this was 1 of those absent votes result in a pro vote?
    Why exactly did this pro pot agenda go thru?
    I simply can not believe sane people would go for this!

    1. Billbo39 says:

      >To self medicate is insanity

      So everyone is insane except you, huh annie? Good grief, get off the computer and take your medication.

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