Decision Expected on Same-Sex Marriage

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ASHLAND, Ore. — When you ask this couple how they met 15 years ago they’ll say it was euphoric. Gina DuQuenne and Josh Willow had a commitment ceremony, they call very touching.

Their union is not legally recognized in the state of Oregon. Four same sex couples bringing the suit to the federal judge are arguing that the state marriage laws unconstitutionally discriminate against them.

The judge heard arguments on the case in April and rejected an attempt by the National Organization for Marriage to intervene. Back in 2004, 57% of Oregon voters approved the ban, and some say it should still be decided by a vote.

Democratic Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum calls the ban is “legally indefensible.” state officials have said same-sex marriages could begin almost immediately after a decision.

The Southern Oregon Pride Association is holding a rally on Monday to gather support for marriage equality. It’s happening at the Ashland Plaza just before noon, when the judge says he’ll be publishing the decision.