Dealing With Election Day Stress

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MEDFORD, Ore. – An election year like this one can be stressful. There are two candidates with two very different ideas. Adding to the anxiety about which candidate will be chosen, for months the two have been neck and neck in the polls.

The signs of Election Day stress have gone viral in the form of an online video of a little girl crying about the extensive media coverage of election season, reflecting the exasperation many adults feel. Even down to the last minute on Election Day, President Obama and Mitt Romney were in a dead heat; it’s that neck and neck race prompting last-minute canvassing and phone calls from both sides.

“People are wary that he might win again,” said Robert Olsson, the Chair of the Jackson County Republicans, “that’s why there is a tremendous effort out there to elect Romney.”

For some voters, the decision of who will be our next president is reason for some anxiety.

“It is extremely stressful, and in this case and I think both sides feel there has been a lot of misrepresentation,” said one voter, Karen Freeman.

The stress revolving around the election is something doctors say can actually impact your health.

“There are all sorts of ways people can get impacted by stress,” explained Dr. John Shonerd with the Valley Family Practice. “They can get ulcers, some people get migraines, some people get a lot of back and neck pain.”

The even more serious impacts of stress include high blood pressure, which is a precursor to a stroke and heart attack. That’s why, to deal with the stress of incoming election day results, Dr. Shonerd suggests eating right and exercising.

“Get up on your stationary bike as you watch the results and if they really make you mad, you should peddle harder,” Dr. Shonerd recommended.

While there may be moments of anxiety, doctors say the key is to managing that Election Day stress. Doctors say you can also experience rapid heart beat and trouble with breathing while dealing with extremely stressful events.