One Measure on Jackson County Ballot

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Tuesday night is the deadline to register to vote for the November election, but in Jackson County, only about 3,200 people will even receive a ballot.

There is only one measure on the ballot this year and it will only impact residents living in the Applegate. An operations levy for Applegate Valley Fire District 9 is the only measure on this year’s ballot for the entire county. Less than 3,500 ballots will be sent out for November’s election because only those living with in Applegate Valley Fire District 9 will have a voice on the operations levy.

Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker said it is not unusual for fewer ballot measures to appear on ballots during non-primary or general election years like this year, because with fewer things being voted on, it’s more expensive to place a measure on the ballot.

All costs, including printing and mailing of the ballots, must be paid by those behind the measures. With fewer things on the ballot (or in this year’s case, only one measure) it is more expensive to place something on the ballot.

“The majority of measures will come on during a major election year because of a higher voter turnout. There’s going to be multiple entities, multiple candidates that come on and of course, those election costs, if they’re billed at that point, are going to be shared between to those entities,” said Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker.

The operations levy up for vote with Applegate Fire District 9 would be the first since 2008 and would be 92 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value and goes toward improvement of equipment and continues to staff 24 hours per day.

Voter registration can be done up until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night to register before the midnight deadline, log on to oregonvotes.gov.