Dead Bees Found

BEESSHERWOOD, Ore. — A creepy sight in Sherwood this weekend, thousands of dead honey bees were found on a busy street.

The bees were found along Highway 99 West Sunday afternoon. Many people driving through the area saw the dying insects and wondered if it’s another insecticide problem.

Last year, thousands of dead bumblebees were found dead in two shopping centers. Several hundred were found lining the streets and sidewalks in Hillsboro and just days before, more than 55,000 of dead or dying bumblebees were found in Wilsonville.

Two companies were eventually fined for insecticide spray that killed those bees.

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  1. Out Raged says:

    This is a life threatening event but no one seems to care. When the bees die, they’ll take us with them. GMOs are to blame, along with ever increasing pesticide use (GMOs and higher pesticide use go hand in hand.) Ask any apiarist and if they’re honest they can tell you about the effects of GMOs on their hives.

    Our skies are being heavily sprayed with chemtrails lately, and they contribute to bee death as well. But it seems as if no one in this country cares that we’re being slowly killed by Monsanto, Syngenta, Koch bros., Dow Chemical and a host of others well ensconced in our government, calling the shots to keep us sick and dying, and their profits growing. In case you’re wondering why anyone would want us sick and dying: a sick and less populated country is much easier to control.

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