Dead Animals Found on Crow’s Property

Kandi CrowGRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Josephine County woman who abused more than two hundred animals could be facing more charges. A dead goat and chicken was discovered on Kandi Crow’s property.

Back in September, Crow entered a guilty plea on 20 charges. The judge ordered Crow to never own a hamster or be near animals.
She was sentenced to 40 days in jail but served her time through home detention.

The Josephine County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case for potential charges.

Crow could face jail time for violating court orders.


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  1. Ruby says:

    What did they expect? If there is no deterrent to crime, then the person is free to re-offend again. House arrest–since when is THAT a punishment?!
    What are they gonna do THIS time–throw her in a 5-star hotel?

  2. Alicia says:

    When is Grants Pass/Josephine County going to wake up and admit that this very sick women needs to be incarcerated, either in prison or a mental institution? How many more animals need to suffer or die under control of this ugly old hag? Josephine County is as much to blame as this mentally deficient deviant abuser. It’s gotten beyond the point of ridiculous and now the county and especially the judges and district attorney need to be held accountable for these atrocities.

    How much longer does Josephine County intend to live in denial that they have a huge problem with this women and it is obviously not going to go away until they have the balls to do something about it. And don’t go cryin’ poor, here, that is not an excuse. This woman is a murderer! Shame on you, DA and JO county!

  3. Nikkie Cossairt says:

    Please lock this lady up somewhere. We should not stand for this kind of behavior! If she is mentally ill, commit her!

  4. justin Sayers says:

    I would like to thank Josephine county’s idiot da for making allowing her to kill and abuse more animals. Great Job!

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