DEA Raids Fourth Pot Farm In Southern Oregon

October 21, 2011

By Sharon Ko

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Drug Enforcement Administration’s enforcement campaign is in full swing, busting another medical marijuana grow.

DEA agents took away 17 plants at the home and are seeking a warrant to search the homeowner’s business. With all of the other pot raids, Sonorml says patients don’t see the point in following state rules. For Doctor Andrew Dorfman, he’s seen the devastation first-hand. He has patients who had medical marijuana at the pot garden on Tolo Road. Doctor Dorfman says these pot raids will continue hurting the patients who need the medicine until change happens at the federal level.The DEA raided a medical marijuana grower’s lot in Central Point on Thursday, seizing 17 plants. This raid makes it the fourth marijuana bust in less than a month and advocates from Sonorml believe the DEA isn’t going to stop.

The doctor adds that those solutions can be by medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon where state lawmakers look at other states as examples. Sonorml says they’re expecting a lot more pot raids in the future. They don’t think the DEA is done and say it’s been one a week so far and are prepared that another raid will happen soon.