DEA Marijuana Bust In White City

October 5, 2011

By Yessenia Anderson

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Hundreds of plants have been pulled from the ground in White City as the DEA raids a medical marijuana grow site. ┬áLocal growers say this bust is incredibly similar to a bust one week ago.

At the cannabis-growing co-op called Brian’s Green Thumb Farm, three to five hundred plants were pulled and hauled away earlier today. It all started around 9:30 a.m. this morning. The Drug Enforcement Agency is only saying that they are serving a federal search warrant, and the investigation is ongoing. They also took evidence from the building where the cannabis was cured and turned into medicine.

Southern Oregon NORML officials say they checked out this site a few weeks ago, counting plants and cards, and the garden was in compliance. They believe the federal government is targeting grows with more than a hundred total plants. NORML says almost two dozen patients have their marijuana legally grown here. Friends say the garden’s resident and manager, Brian Simmons, was onsite with the federal officials during the day and they don’t know if he was arrested or charged.

A similar raid by the DEA in Gold Hill one week ago has medical marijuana growers on edge. Many are anxious about facing a similar kind of drug raid.