Dan’s Garden: Soil

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MEDFORD, Ore. — There are so many soil options out there, it may be more beneficial and cheaper to make your own.

There are lots of soil formulas that you can get online. This segment shows just a general potting mix that you use with most vegetables or most flowers or you can just use it in pots or in a raised bed. The first ingredient is 5 gallons of pumice; put that in first, because when you mix it up, pumice tends to float to the top.

Then, add 5 gallons of coconut core. After that is 5 gallons of aged bark and it needs to be aged because otherwise it will suck all the nitrogen out of your mix. Then, we’re going to add a quarter cup of bloodmeal, we’re going to add a quarter cup of alfalfa. Next you add one cup of bonemeal and a half cup of kelp.

After you add the ingredients, you just take a hoe or a shovel and you start mixing and add water to it. You want the mix to get wet enough so that when you pick up a handful of it and squeeze it, it’ll kind of stick together but it won’t be drippy wet.

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