Dan’s Garden: Peaches

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Sometimes we think of a peach is just a peach, but there are different varieties. There are lots of different varieties and they kind of have some different specific uses. They’re all good eating peaches. There’s not one single peach that’s good for canning or only baking that you couldn’t eat also fresh.

A glowhaven which is a wonderful peach for dehydrating because it doesn’t brown as it makes contact with the air. Aburtas are one of the classic for canning peaches that are used for making peach pie filling and canning regular slices of peaches. Sunhives are just a good eating peach all around. The hales are another classic canning peach and coral suns are really good for freezing.

A lot of people get white peaches and say they never ripen; they never get soft like another kind of peach. They stay crisp but they are very good-eating peach and they are a low acid peach, lower acid than a lot of the other peaches.

When you buy a peach you should try to keep them on something like a tray or a baking sheet on one layer, so they don’t bruise each other, because they do bruise very easily and then they are not as nice to eat. You have to cut out some of those bruise spots.

When you buy them, you don’t need to squeeze them, and that is something that people who sell peaches hate because everyone wants to squeeze a peach to see if it’s ripe. You can tell a peach is ripe just when it’s got this wonderful peach color to it and they all do. They get maybe a different peach shade, but they all got a peach color and there’s no green on it and then they’ve got this smell.

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