Dan’s Garden: Freezer Jam

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Summer typically provides an abundance of fresh fruit. Preserving them can be pretty simple and only requires three ingredients! Four cups of strawberry, one and a half cups of sugar or Splenda, and pectin is all that’s needed. By mashing the strawberries, mixing these ingredients and stirring well you will find a taste of summer which can be preserved for up to 1 year! You’ll want to eat it fresh, and the jam must be stored in the fridge for a good three weeks before eating! Enjoy!

For more information, consult the OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines:

Jackson County: 541-776-7371
Josephine County: 541-476-6613
Klamath County: 541-883-7131
Curry County: 541-247-6672

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  1. Joyce Cate says:

    For the freezer jam recipe you need to specify the amount and type of pectin used, as the ratio of ingredients determines how well the mixture will set. If using a whole jar or packet, I also need to know the brand.
    Thank you.

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