Dan’s Garden: Earwings

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Earwigs are kind of an ugly insect because they have pinchers in the back that they use for defense, but earwigs are the most challenging insects to control in the garden.

Simple ideas include taking a newspaper, spritzing it with some water inside and rolling it up. Earwigs like moisture and dark especially in this heat. Set that wherever you have earwig problems. Then, in the morning, check and have a bucket of soapy water. Shake out the newspaper in it and the earwigs will drown.

Another thing that can be done is just taking a little container like a yogurt container and make little holes around, with a hole-punch or a three-eighths inch drill bit, around the lip. Put about a half an inch of cooking oil and a half an inch of soy sauce. Put the lid on and then bury up to the holes and then get the earwigs out and then your pests won’t get into it.

Another thing is that earwigs have tiny little wings and they glide, so you can use a barrier like an old pot. Put some duct tape around it, and use the stick end of the tape to catch the earwigs. Tree wrap is also wonderful so they don’t get into the ripening fruit. Just make a band, put your tangle foot on it and they won’t get up.

You can also use product called Sluggoplus; it has spinocide in it and it will kill earwigs, also other insects. Gardeners can also spray their plants with something like Moneray Garden Spray, which also contains spinocide.

For more information, consult the OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines:

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