Dan’s Garden: Cucumber Bugs

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MEDFORD, Ore.– Cucumber bugs can decimate a garden, but there is a way to control them without pesticides.

There are two varieties of these bugs, a stripe and a spotted cucumber beetle. These critters can eat your plants to the ground. One way to control them, is to use a woven cloth. By using a 1/2″ PVC pipe, some rebar and clips you can cover your plant so no insects are able to come in. This cloth keeps them warm during the evening, so the plants are able to grow for longer periods of times.

Another option is to use a flashy emergency blanket. The reflectivity of the blanket will confuse beetles, and prevent them from attacking your garden. The light and heat also does well for the plants!

For more information, consult the OSU Master Gardeners Hotlines:

Jackson County: 541-776-7371
Josephine County: 541-476-6613
Klamath County: 541-883-7131
Curry County: 541-247-6672