Dan’s Garden: Bugs

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Gardening is sometimes difficult because sometimes you just don’t know how or what to plant to keep those bugs away.

OSU Master Gardener Laurin Parker explains that if you don’t want to use chemicals, and you want something that’s going to keep the bugs out, you can actually find plants that will take care of it for you.

Marigolds come in all kinds of shades of reds and oranges and yellows. There’s a smell to a marigold that most bugs tend to stay away from; at the same time, there’s something in the root of the marigold that actually kills nematodes. If you planted them around your roses, it kills the aphids.

What’s nice about an Artemisia is they tend to attract beneficial bugs and tend to repel bad bugs at the same time. They tend to repel animals just in general, so it’s just a good general plant to put in your garden… and it’s nice looking. You can plant them in and around your vegetables. They come in reds and yellows and oranges. That kind of thing.

Lavenders are really good against fleas and against ticks. Mint is also good against fleas and also against ants; at the same time, it’s an herb and you can actually cook with it. Basil is also a really good plant and you can get them in different colors like purple, or you can go with the green and they’re good to cook with, as well as repel certain bugs.

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