Danial White & Connor Kaegi: AAotW

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Last year, Danial White was the starting quarterback for the Ashland Grizzlies. Connor Kaegi, who transferred from Florida, was on the bench.

“I needed to get some JV reps in to know the offense and get it down,” said Kaegi, “and certainly watch Danial as he did well last year. And see how he worked with the offense.”

This year, the Grizzlies started off 2-3, showing some inconsistency and lack of production, so they made a change to a two quarterback system. Kaegi utilizes his strong arm, White his running ability.

“I see it as a challenge,” said White. “It’s tempting me to step up my game. I really wasn’t very pleased with the beginning of my season.”

“Things were not looking sharp and just not moving the ball, turning the ball over too much,” said head coach Charlie Hall. “We said, hey, we’ve got to take a shot at this.”

Since thent they’re 3-0 and averaging 55 points per game. Coach Hall is hesitant to refer to one as the clear starter saying the game will dictate who plays, and that’s a philosophy the players bought into.
“I think they’ve handled it well,” said receiver R.J. Atteberry. “I think Danial’s done a really good job. I think Kaegi’s stepped up really well and stepped into his role.”

“We’re good friends and we don’t mind splitting time,” said Kaegi. “Whatever gets us the win really.”