Danger for Protesters and Drivers

StrikeWatch: Day OneMEDFORD, Ore. — As picketers line the roads, reports are coming in of incidents involving the picketers coming in contact with cars driving by.

Medford Police say there have been two incidents, one on Thursday and one on Friday morning, with reported contact between a car and a protester. Friday’s incident happened on the west side of the school at Barnett Road and Whitman Avenue.

Police say the car that was driving through the road and made contact with a protester on the driveway that also is part of the sidewalk. Police say after words were exchanged between the driver and protester, the driver drove away. No one was seriously injured. Police say in both incidents it’s very hard to tell who, if anyone, is at fault.

“But anytime you have vehicles and pedestrians at such close quarters, and then you add an adversarial relationship between the two there’s the propensity for problems. And that’s why we’re trying to monitor this situation as closely as we can,” said Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Medford Police say they have officers dedicated to being the referees of the situation and preventing accidents.


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  1. Ray R says:

    I don’t have kids in school, but if I did I wouldn’t support the teacher’s strike. The teachers say they are striking for the benefit of the kids, but the issues that caused them to strike was more pay, better health insurance and the Medford School District to pay more of their health benefit..

    So I don’t see where this benefits the kids.

    Just another union trying to squeeze the taxpayers.

    1. Ryan Navickas says:

      Maybe because Ray R has no kids in school he’s not considering the importance of education to our community as a whole. The truth is, we all reap the rewards of strong public education. Educated kids get good paying jobs don’t end up involved in crime. This saves the taxpayers money and generates a stronger tax base. Good schools are a major incentive for businesses looking to move to or invest in our valley. Likewise the best teachers will go find jobs where they are treated with respect. What a bellwether are schools for our community! In case you don’t know the meaning of Penny Wise and Pound Foolish, I’ll give you a sentence which defines it in a nutshell: “The Medford School Board is saving a little money only to lose a great deal more due to their own imprudence.”

      1. dan says:

        are you saying the teachers are no longer able to properly teach the students unless they get paid more money?

      2. Dan says:

        Good Schools Where?? Oregon is pretty darn close to the bottom of the list of the states with the best Schools. Not a very good score

    2. Value teachers and children! says:

      I am wondering if you actually know where tax money is really going? Is it going towards the students and the teachers? I’m sure there are politicians and the administration out there loving your and other’s comments because they want to make teachers look like the “bad” guy. Go out and do some research or even ask questions to see where “our” tax dollars are going! I assure you that they are not fairly going to students or teachers, whom by the way, should be the upmost valued people in the world. What do you value? Lining politicians pockets with “our” tax dollars? Teachers want what’s best for students and their own families! Do you think that this is not creating a hardship on all sides except, of course, the big players in all of this? They have the luxury to be puppets for the government and the corporations and squash workers rights. They love your thinking and your support!

    3. Billy bob says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Ray R. It’s really not about the kid’s… I think the teachers need to grow up.

  2. Lucy says:

    If a car comes in contact with a pedestrian and then leaves, isn’t that hit and run?

    1. Aryka says:

      That was the question I was gonna ask… Hit and Run… if it had been a child or someone else I think there would have been more done on that subject…

    2. dan says:

      i thought it was considered assault with a deadly weapon but maybe that’s just when the elite are involved.

  3. Christina says:

    And dangers for ESD teachers!!!!! You know who is still working? ESD!!! Treat them with a little respect picketing teachers! Their union is not on strike and they have kids who can not come to school because of you. Channel 12 why dont you interview those teachers and hear what happened today! Do this clean people! And Lashley, you need to step up and organize the picket line so they dont harass teachers who are working hard teaching our special ed. Now more parents mad who cant send their kids to school. Good job!

    1. Lucy says:

      Christina were you there when the guy “bumped” the teacher? Were you there when his wife was screaming obscenities at the teachers? Were you there when he “bumped” a teacher a second time later in the day? I don’t care if someone is standing in his way or not, it is not okay to bump into someone with your car. That, when done intentionally, as this was, is assault and he should have been arrested. Too bad kids can’t go to school…maybe the district should actually start negotiating with the teachers. THEY are who you should be angry with!

      1. Christina says:

        That is awful someone got hit. We were hearing many complaints about the way teachers were behaving on the line and a few concerned parents went down to observe. My heart went out to those picketing alone, serious about being there. Yet there were also many having a lot of fun. I have never seen a picket line look like a street fair. This is not fun for our community or teachers. It’s hard to take the picket line serious. I have heard teachers comment about keeping moral up by beefing cheerful , there is nothing cheerful about any of this . You are without a job right now and classrooms will be in session Tuesday without you. Majority of the community will support subs at this point to get kids back in school. Lashley and her team have done a poor job representing teachers. I am sorry you are going through this. I am sorry for our kids and community. Respect fellow unions and the children in those classes during this time.

        1. Lucy says:

          Who is “we?” I am sorry the teachers and students are going through this but perhaps you should read up on what is REALLY going on rather than attack the teachers. Do you really believe in “respect” for “fellow unions? The district is trying to break the union. They are using the playbook their attorney has given them. Here is some interesting reading for you…perhaps then you will be able to support the teachers. http://pifactory.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/the-hungerford-papers-playbook-to-break-the-teachers-union/



          Educate yourself!

          1. Christina says:

            We as in parents. Sorry I should have said fellow teachers. I know medford teachers and ESD work under the same roof at schools. Thank you for the info. I will read up!

          2. Support OurChildren says:

            “Support Teachers” ??

            What should be extremely more important is to “Support Our Children”.
            The Medford teachers have modeled the behavior of… if we do not get our “DEMANDS” met we will not play. (A great example for our children.)
            We will take our ball and go home. Childish to say the least, but much more selfish.
            At one time teachers were honored and respected for the service they provided to our children. Now for a few dollars they will just throw them to the curb and walk away.
            How many of our children’s lives will be adversely affected by these teachers’ decisions.
            The athletic son or daughter will not play their sport. Any hopes of a scholarship may be lost.
            The academic daughter or son, who needs to make grades, so they might earn a scholarship for college, or even get into a college or university, may not happen.
            How many of our children will suffer for the want of a few dollars more.
            How about the borderline student, will they have any incentive to continue or just drop out altogether.
            How about the student that is trying hard, struggling to pass their courses, depending on the help of a teacher? Good luck!
            How about the Senior whose final term in public schools/high school, who had hoped for the best, now has this poor experience to keep for the rest of their lives. They do not get a “do over”.
            Their Senior experience is lost.
            Why?…For a few dollars more.
            Should teachers be paid more? Some probably have earned it, others probably have not.
            So should every teacher get more money, more benefits, more PURS, more time off…NO!
            Shame on Medford teachers for abandoning our children for a few dollars more or for not having the guts to stand up to their union bosses.

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