Dancing With The Rogue Valley Stars 2013

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MEDFORD, Ore. — There are just 9 days until well-known Southern Oregonians will compete in Dancing With The Rogue Valley Stars. Eleven local celebrities will take to the stage to raise money for Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs and USA Dance.

One of this year’s stars is Scott Anderson. He is president and CEO of the award-winning and nationally recognized technology company, Core Business Services.

Scott founded Core in Medford in 2006. Today, it is the largest managed service provider between Portland and Sacramento with offices in Medford, Portland and Denver, Colorado. He’s making time in his busy schedule to help kids in our area.

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  1. Zack Allott says:

    Scott Anderson was a teammate and friend of mine in high school and specifically because of that, I’m sure he and Amy will do splendidly. (Haha, Hi Scott!)

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