D.A. Says Suspect Used Victim’s Card

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A suspicion of identity theft is what initially led investigators to Susan Monica’s property.

The investigation against Susan Monica began last Friday, when officers went to her home to investigate fraudulent use of an Oregon Trail card.

The probable cause affidavit says Monica admitted to using Robert Haney’s Oregon Trail card about 12 times between September and December. This was after Haney was allegedly murdered on September 9th.

Despite the card belonging to Haney, as long as Monica had one key piece of information, all transactions would be approved. The Chief Fraud Investigator for the State’s Department of Human Services, John Carter, says an Oregon Trail Card works very similarly to a debit card, requiring a pin to be entered before each transaction.

In order for Monica to repeatedly use Robert Haney’s Oregon Trail Card without him present, she would have had to have known the pin before he died.

“That number is created by the person who the card is issued to, so it’s a unique number created by them and then safeguarded or supposed to be safeguarded by the person who it was issued to,” explained John Carter.

Oregon Trail cards can contain benefits beyond food assistance, and officials say it varies case by case, but is typically renewed every 6 months.

The identity theft, murder and abuse of a corpse charges aren’t the first Monica has faced. Monica’s criminal history dates back to 1992 for includes charges of menacing and recklessly endangering an 11 year old boy in 2009, charges which were ultimately dismissed. In 2001, Monica spent 15 days in jail for recklessly endangering another person and resisting arrest after allegedly attempting to elude police.