Evidence Reveals Criado’s Motive

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Despite Criado professing his innocence the District Attorney released what she calls overwhelming evidence he killed his family.

Jordan Criado was the only person who came out of his home alive nearly two years ago. Until now, it’s been unclear as to what happened that morning, but newly released 911 tapes and evidence paints that picture clear.

A few hours before Jordan Criado killed his family, he called 911 dispatch looking for Tabasha who went out the previous night.

“She ain’t come and I’ve been calling, and no answer. Her phone is off or I get no answer,” Jordan Criado is heard saying on the 911 dispatch tapes.

As officers searched for her, Tabasha called from the Minute Market on Oakdale.

“Yeah, I guess I’m supposed to call 911 or somebody. But um, This is Tabasha. I’m just calling to say I’m alright,” Tabasha told 911 dispatch.

When officers met with Tabasha, she told officers she spent the night with another man. She asked for a ride home and told police she would be fine. Soon after, witnesses called about a fire at her home.

“Heavy smoke out of the chimney area,” the witness said. “Smoke out of the roof. It’s not outside yet. Chimney area, but it’s smoking heavy.”

When fire crews arrived the front door was dead bolted, a couch was moved to block it and a wooden dowel was placed inside the glass sliding door.

“Those things had to have been done by someone inside the house,” said Jackson County District Attorney
Beth Heckert.

The D.A. says before Criado started the fire he gave his children large doses of a sleeping aid. When Tabasha came home, he stabbed her multiple times in the face, neck and abdominal area killing her.

Criado then moved onto the children killing three of them. One child was still alive when Criado started four fires inside the home. The D.A. says he lit a couch on fire, turned on all of the stove tops, and spread olive oil around to spread the flames. He then attempted to commit suicide. She believes his motive behind it all was jealousy.

“She was very open about leaving him. He continues to say he’s not responsible, but as the judge says, it is like a delsuional thing. That he has kind of sold himself on it,” Heckert said.