Court Docs Say Bomb Suspect Confessed

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Newly-released federal court documents say the man arrested for setting off a bomb at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office admitted to the crime.

Alan Leroy McVay was arrested last week in connection with the bombing on November 13th. An 11-page criminal complaint filed in federal court Monday by FBI Special Agent David A. Carroll says McVay set off the device in order to delay being sentenced in a burglary case.

The bomb exploded outside the DA’s office in the early morning hours of November 13th, damaging part of the building and prompting a federal and local investigation by Medford Police, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Two days later officers received a tip saying McVay was involved in the explosion, according to the court documents. It was then that officers learned McVay had been scheduled to be sentenced on November 14th to 36 months in prison in a burglary case.

Officers began looking into McVay’s phone and text message records dating back to November 9th, which revealed a conversation between McVay and a co-defendant in the burglary case.

On November 9th, McVay said “I want to go off on some (expletive), I tell you what, I got some things to do it with,” according to the affidavit. McVay also added that he was going to handle it, and said “anyway, it could probably get rid of all kinds of paper from the ground up.”

McVay and the co-defendant continued to exchange phone calls leading up to the bombing, with McVay saying “there’s something I can do. They just pissed me off to the point. You know what the point is. When you reach the point.” He later added “it’ll be fun,” and “you’ll hear about it someday,” according to the affidavit.

The documents stated at about 5 a.m. on November 13th, shortly after the bomb exploded at the DA’s office, McVay sent a text message saying “If cops ask I have been here sick in trick.”

A text message sent to McVay’s phone asked “you got anything to do w light show?”

McVay texted back “No I kmnow (sic) who does.”

McVay was arrested by Medford Police on November 20th outside Bobbio’s Pizza in White City. According to the affidavit, McVay confessed to police that he had set the bomb in order to delay his sentencing in the burglary case. He allegedly told police where he assembled the parts to build the bomb. McVay stated that he drove to the DA’s office on November 13th, threw the bomb at a window, then drove off before the explosion. McVay also admitted to police that he sent a text message trying to set up an alibi for where he was that morning.

Police later searched McVay’s pickup truck and travel trailers and found gunpowder, explosive power, pieces of fuses and black tape, according to the court documents.

McVay is currently facing both state and federal charges in connection with the bombing. He was indicted by a Jackson County Grand Jury on Tuesday.

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  1. The guy with the fast Pinto says:

    Jesus Alan.. I remember you being a good guy… what the hell happened in your life for you to snap like this? I remember working on cars with you, going to the swimming hole in Evans Creek, high school – good times. I hope you can come to terms and turn your life around.

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