D.A. Bomber Pleads Guilty

DA Bomber PleaMEDFORD, Ore. — A White City man could spend 15 years in prison after admitting to setting a bomb at the Jackson County District attorney’s Office in November.

47-year-old Alan Leroy McVay pleaded guilty today in federal court to a charge of malicious destruction of property by explosion. In his plea agreement, McVay admitting to building the bomb out of a CO2 canister and a propane tank, and trying to blow up the DA’s office to delay his sentencing in another case.

The bomb got caught in the window blinds and caught fire. The damaged office belonged to Deputy DA David Hoppe, who said he felt McVay’s scheduled sentence is appropriate.

“Everybody lost a little piece of mind,” Hoppe said. “We were very worried as to who had done it and why. I know it affected the other attorneys and staff members there.”

McVay will officially be sentenced August 18th.