Cyber Monday Helping Local Business Grow

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The Black Friday craze is shifting to Monday as shoppers head online to snag some deals on Cyber Monday.

LoopRope is one of many companies offering their products at discounted prices. The owner told NewsWatch12 that Cyber Monday is a day where it’s helped his company and customer base grow.

“We’ve got a lot of ropes going out the door over the deal,” said owner of LoopRope, Jeff Dahl. “The red and the yellow are the ones we’re discounting […] and also it’s just 25% off anything else if somebody wants just a single rope or not necessarily a combo pack.

Owner of LoopRope is noticing more people beating the crowds and shopping online instead.

“Is everybody, you know, tired on Black Friday and just relaxing and waiting for the Cyber Monday? ‘Cause I think every year, the Cyber Monday is just becoming more and more well known,” Dahl said.

LoopRope takes advantage of this shift of shopping style. Offering products at discounted prices means the company will take a loss at first, but the owner says the benefits will reap in later.

“I’d say our sales are bigger today than they were Friday however the sale did start on Friday. It’s full time generating invoices we’ve generated since Friday, we’re sending about 70 orders so far between our website and our other websites we have out there,” Dahl explained. “We’re a new company so we’re getting a lot of ropes on the street and as people come conditioned to using our particular product, we’re hoping they’ll go seek it out at the local retail stores. Not just here in Southern Oregon, but across the united states.”

Some other stores in the Rogue Valley offering deals this Cyber Monday include Earth Monkey Moms, with 30% off of everything in its store, and Harry and David with up to 50% off certain items. Most Cyber Monday deals will end at midnight.