Custom Motorcycle for Injured Marine

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MEDFORD, Ore. — An injured veteran is re-gaining his mobility and fulfilling a dream thanks to the help of some local bikers.

The Rogue Valley Chapter of the Run for the Wall presented a former Marine with a custom-made motorcycle at a Medford body shop. They say the ability to ride isn’t just a fun pastime and expression of freedom, but a sign of recovery for a veteran who thought he’d never walk again, let alone ride.

Retired Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville lost his leg three years ago while on tour in Afghanistan. A couple months ago he received a call from local members of run for the wall saying they had a bike for him.

On Thursday, they flew him to Medford from his home in Idaho, and today they brought him down to thunderstruck customs to see the bike for the first time and get fitted for modifications needed to accommodate his prosthetic leg.

Linville says he always wanted to ride but was never able to do so because he didn’t have the money. So, this will be his first chance to realize that dream.

“It still doesn’t feel like it’s real, it’s almost like you’re dreaming, because I was probably still years away from being able to afford my own bike, and living that dream,” said the former Marine.

Run for the Wall isn’t the first organization to gift motorcycles to veterans, but this is their first time doing it. They say they hope to deliver one or two bikes a year to veterans like Linville from now on.

Donations can be sent to:

Ken Hargrove
1715 N. 3rd Avenue
Upland, CA 91784

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  1. Rodney says:

    What a blessing for this man to be able to fulfill the dream in his heart. I’m thankful for his service and wish him all the best!

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