Curry County Looks at Levy Aftermath

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GOLD BEACH, Ore. – Tueday’s defeat of a 3.2 million dollar public safety levy for Curry County has county officials facing some tough decisions.

The chairman of the Curry County Board of Commissioners says competing money measures on the ballot, including a hospital bond and police measure in Port Orford, may have scuttled the county’s measure.

He points out that even if local police agencies are funded, it still requires a jail and prosecutor’s office to deal with the criminals in Curry County, and the county is running out of funding options.

“We need to assess what the minimum amount of adequate levels of public safety are. We need to look at the direction of where we want to go,” said Curry County Commissioner David Brock Smith.

Recently enacted state laws could give the governor some options for stepping in to ensure adequate public safety services, but Smith says the county will continue to look for other budget cuts and funding options. He does not rule out another ballot measure attempt in May.