Curry County Faces Funding Troubles

CURRY COUNTY, Ore. — Curry County is facing a shortage of law enforcement employees. Not only does the county struggle with its lack of timber funding, but now the county Undersheriff has announced he is leaving.

Bob Rector, says he doesn’t feel his job is secure and is taking a new post with the state police. He was previously employed with the Talent Police Department until 2008.

The county has also recently lost a patrol deputy and a jail deputy. As for the sheriff himself, John Bishop says if a good job offer comes his way, he’d take a close look at leaving as well.

Curry County voters will decide in May whether to triple their tax rate to pay for the sheriff’s department among other services.

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  1. Michael says:

    I used to live in Curry County now I am in Coos County. I say the Tax payers of Curry county should vote down this tax increse. There is NO state mandate for a county to have patrol deputies. They Are Required to have Animal Control a Jail and a Parol and probation. The County needs to learn to live with in its means like the rest of us. I am disabled and I can not ask the government for a increase when I want or need it so why should ANY county? No They need to control their money better to keep State mandiated services.

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