Cub Scout Camp Finally Sees Snowfall

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LAKE OF THE WOODS, Ore. — The dry weather is impacting Southern Oregon Cub Scout troops. For the past few weekends, troops have been going out to Lake of the Woods for a day camp called Snowcapades, but there has been little or no snow that is until now.

Slipping, sliding and sledding, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts at the Snowcapades day camp are experiencing their first significant snow fall since the camp started four weeks ago.

“We’re just thrilled kids can experience a snow day,” Camp Supervisor Sharon Watson.

Girl Scout Allie Allison was prepared, dressed in layers and ready to take on one of the many sledding hills.

“It’s really fun but sometimes you catch some air and it makes your stomach kind of jump a little,” said Allison.

Last night the rain changed over to snow, making for some wet conditions today; however, and good for sledding but not so much for the sledders.

“For this slope it gets it a little faster but once you get off it gets a little wet and it’s not fun when you get off and it’s wet,” said Cub Scout Gavin Crowley.

For those who are soaked, there is good news: mercy flights has a snow gear exchange set up.

“Come in, they give us their wet clothes, we put them in the dryer and give them dry clothes, and then we go right back out and play,” explained a Mercy Flights rep.

With five different sledding hills to choose from, some steeper than others, the kids say there is a trick to staying on the sled.

“You have to hang on really tight and keep your balance,” said one kid.

The Snowscapade Kids Camp has been going on for 23 years now and they say this year is the driest it’s ever been.