Crypt Vandalized in Josephine County Cemetery

By Erin Maxson & Evan Bell

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, Ore. — The Odd Fellows Cemetery right outside of Grants Pass is the latest victim in the Josephine County public safety nightmare.

Caretakers said they called the Sheriff’s Office after Wednesday night’s vandals desecrated a crypt, but they don’t expect to hear back. It’s the resting place for three family members who were interned there between 1900 and 1926. Lloyd Stiewig of the Grants Pass Odd Fellows says someone broke off the masonry work on top of the crypt.

Without regular patrols by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office, Stiewig says they need to come up with another plan to keep the area safe. “We’re considering putting up some trail cams, putting up some signs saying ‘video surveillance’, whether that acts as a deterrent or not I don’t know,” Stiewig.

The same crypt was vandalized in the 1990’s as well. Stiewig says he and another member will be out Friday to repair the damage.