Crowd Protests DEA Marijuana Raid

MEDFORD, Ore. – A crowd gathered outside of the federal court house in Medford on Thursday afternoon in response to recent medical marijuana raids.

The protestors gathered included medical marijuana patients and supporters. The protest is part of the fallout from a recent marijuana raid where federal agents seized hundreds of plants from the High Hopes Farm in Ruch.

The raid was said to have been one of the largest in the state. Protestors say the DEA raids have left a chilling message and impact on local patients. Protestors marched for an hour, saying they hope their presence helps raise awareness of what they believe to be an ongoing issue.


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  1. Gary says:

    Some day you will understand that growing pot is illegal in the feds eyes. This is more important than the state rules.

  2. Phil in Oregon says:

    It may be legal one of these times. The govt could save $billions not prosecuting all those crimes and the drug cartels would lose $billions. It IS illegal now, and the growers of the legal stuff just can’t stop themselves from selling a little on the side. Look at the clinics in Grants Pass – they were ALL shuttered because they just couldn’t resist the big bucks.

  3. jlup says:

    Its illegal but not against gods laws. The plant was put here for us and certain special intrests benefit from the probition of the plant. Do the research. Listening to sheep is tiring, put down your drink and think for yourself

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