Grants Pass Criminal Activity Rising

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Recent crime statistics in the city of Grants Pass reveal criminal activity is on the rise. The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is dealing with more burglaries, thefts and incidents of disorderly conduct and stolen vehicles.

Chief Joe Henner said after the failed criminal justice tax levy, people speculated that crime would increase. He said recent data reveals the assumptions are spot on.

Burglary is up near 50%; thefts nearly 26%; disorderly conduct 20% and stolen vehicles up around 17%. Blind George’s Newsstand said employees are running into more violent and aggressive homeless people near their buildings. They are also noticing more thefts inside their store.

Insurance agents said as claims increase with burglaries and stolen vehicles, people should expect to see their insurance rates to increase in the next several years. If you’d like a better idea of various crimes in specific areas, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety has a map with all of that information.