Criado Killings Impact Domestic Violence

By Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Criado family killings were the first of several murders in Jackson County in the past year suspected of involving domestic violence.

In the aftermath of those deaths, community leaders say it pushed people to be more open about violence against family members.

Members of community groups and victim’s advocates say domestic violence has always been a taboo subject; no one liked to talk about it in public, but the Criado murders one year ago pushed the impact of domestic violence straight to the public’s forefront.

Community Works in Medford said the killings of Tabasha Criado and her four children caused more people to want to come forward about signs of domestic abuse. The united way of Jackson County said the murders have made people more willing to volunteer in the community to stop it. They say the series of murders that followed the Criado killings also made the issue stick in people’s minds.

The advocacy groups say there’s still a long way to go. They say there are still people in the community who do not feel domestic violence is a major issue. But they hope the tragedies of the Criado family, and others this past year, can help spread a message for people wanting to help.