Criado Family Tragedy

MEDFORD, Ore. — 5 people are dead, including four small children, in what police are calling one of the biggest murders in Medford history.

It started as a report of a house fire this morning, but quickly turned into a homicide investigation. Fire crews and police officers from all over the Rogue Valley came to help with the four-alarm fire.

It happened on West 10th Street near Orange Street at 9:30 a.m. Police pulled 6 people from the home and performed CPR on the front lawn before they were taken to area hospitals. It was just a short while ago, right here at city hall where Medford Police confirmed that they are investigating what’s being called an arson and homicide.

The five people who are dead include a 30-year-old woman Tabasha Paige Criado and four children between two and seven years old.

Police say the cause of death for both Tabasha and the children is a combination of smoke inhalation and stab wounds. The sixth person, a 51-year-old male, named Jordan Adam Criado, is in stable condition at Rouge Valley Medical Center. Police say he is more than a man of interest and will likely be named a suspect later today.

Police are searching the block around the West 10th Street neighborhood where it happened, gathering more evidence. They plan to comb the area through the evening and overnight.

Police are contacting family members and are in the process of identifying the juveniles involved.

Hospital Situation

The father is being called “more than” a person of interest, but he has not been charged. As mentioned above, he is at RVMC in stable condition, under police watch. Medford Police Chief Tim George says the hospital is not going to be allowed to release the man.

Rogue Valley Medical Center’s ER treated the man being called “more than” a person of interest, as well as four of the five victims. The emergency room says that’s much more than they can handle alone. That’s why the ER activated its emergency response plan, bringing in extra nurses, technicians and pediatricians from other parts of the hospital.

Before the patients arrived at the ER, the other patients in the ER were put on hold, as rooms were opened for the five patients. The six people found in the home were separated between RVMC and Providence.

The medical director of the ER says the most it could treat this morning was five critical patients, sending the sixth patient to Providence Hospital. Jordan Criado was the only patient that survived in the ER, where he is now in stable condition, and in police custody.

The four victims at RVMC and one at Providence were all pronounced dead.

Emergency Response

The family of 6 was pulled from their home this morning as dozens of emergency crews worked frantically to save them and put out the house fire, which is now being called an arson.

Neighbors here on 10th Street say it was a mad scramble this morning. Dozens of police and firefighters swarmed this house after a report of a fire, and then found themselves trying to save a family.

The first report of the fire came around 9:30 this morning. Once firefighters got to the scene, they found a small fire inside and the building filled with smoke, and were able to find the six people inside. Firefighters pulled them out of the building, and then worked for more than 15 minutes doing chest compressions and performing CPR.

The father, Jordan Criado was the first to be taken away in an ambulance; that was followed by each of the small children ages 2 to 7, who appeared limp, as they were loaded into the emergency vehicles. The mother Tabasha Paige-Criado, was the last to be taken to the hospital.

Neighbors say they were shocked to see it unfold.

At least 10 police and fire agencies responded to the scene, including more than 40 firefighters.

SWAT Team On Site

A Medford SWAT vehicle is remaining at the scene here tonight, it’s being used a command center. Many people saw that SWAT team vehicle arrive on the scene of the fire this morning and stick around after many of the firefighters and police officers had left.

The vehicle was parked across the street from the house. While it increased neighbors concerns, officials say it was simply being used as a command center. According to officials, the SWAT team was not on scene, only the SWAT vehicle.

Street Closure

As the investigation continues, police are still not allowing traffic near the scene.

10th Street between Orange and Canon in west Medford is still shut down to all traffic, and has been since rescue workers arrived on scene this morning

Officials say they do not know when the road will reopen, and it could be tomorrow, Tuesday, before traffic is back to normal.

There are officials standing at each entrance to the closed section of road, making sure cars and people do not get close to the house that caught on fire this morning.