Crews Train for Water Rescues

water rescueGOLD HILL, Ore. — As more people hit the water to cool off this summer, emergency crews prepared for water rescue efforts.

Crews from Fire District 3 held a swift water training near Gold Hill Wednesday. Firefighters learned how to paddle and maneuver rafts and how to safely reach someone who is trapped on the rocks.

Firefighters said the powerhouse rapids and nugget falls area of the Rogue River outside Gold Hill can cause trouble for rafters and kayakers.

“It’s very technical,” said Chief Dave Blakely of Fire District 3. “There’s a lot of rocks and a lot of different currents in there, and depending on the water levels, it’s very challenging for recreationalists to maneuver and work through that.”

The training is coming at a good time for Fire District 3 – crews said they safely conducted a water rescue Tuesday.