Crews Respond to Lightning Fires

MEDFORD, Ore. — This weekend saw dozens of lightning strikes in parts of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Crews have been on the scene here in the Rogue Valley, but some resources are in Lane and Douglas Counties fighting fires there as well.

The Oregon Department of Forestry says many of the fires were in the Elk Creek area just outside of Trail. A couple of fires were also spotted in the Anderson Butte and Wagner Creek areas. ODF says most of the fires were very small and only about a tenth of an acre in size, but one fire in the elk creek area reached about 5 acres in size.

They say in each case, lightning hit areas with dry grass, which acted as fuel for the fire. Crews are on scene taking care of those small fires, but ODF says with earlier fire activity than normal, their resources will be lighter.

“There’s other fires in central Oregon, in Douglas County, in Lane County that drew quite a few fire crews away from us,” said Brian Ballou, with Oregon Department of Forestry.

ODF says its crews are staying alert for more reports of fires and with limited resources so early in the year, they are prioritizing which spot fires need their most attention. ODF also says it is keeping an eye on the forecast for the coming days they say they are hoping some rain will help lower the danger of more grass fires.