Crews Remove Large Tree from House

tree removalSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Tree cleanup continues across the area following last week’s storm.

In Springfield, one homeowner waited nine days to get a tree off her roof.

On Glacier Drive in east Springfield, a five-man crew attempted to remove a 135-foot, 22,000 pound Douglas Fir tree that fell on her home a week ago Saturday.

Mike Rose, owner of M.R. Tree Service, says his crews have been working overtime since the storm–over 120 hours in the last week or so.

On this job, it took days before the ice and snow made it possible to get a crane up the hilly street. The key to this job was to remove the tree by sections, making sure the root ball doesn’t lift the tree up before its time.

Once the tree was hauled away, the process of repairing the house could begin.

“It did not penetrate the roof as far as water damage, but it did bust the main beam across the ceiling…some pretty crazy noises,” Rose said.

Rose says a job like this should take about three hours, but he charges $900 an hour, plus $300 an hour for the crane. Total damage: $3,600.