Crews Preparing for Freezing Rain

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Just when roads across Southern Oregon were starting to clear up, freezing rain is now moving in, but road crews are looking ahead and preparing now.

Driving in Southern Oregon these days has been a challenge for most. Drivers are dealing with snow, ice and now the threat of localized freezing rain.

On Thursday, while NewsWatch12 Reporter Sharon Ko was driving on Kirtland Road in White City, traffic was backed up for about a half an hour because of a crash. A truck holding several gallons of water slid into a ditch.

Emergency responders and the Oregon Department of Transportation want people to avoid accidents like that. Road crews are taking advantage of the slightly warmer temperatures during the day, because de-icer is ineffective below 22 degrees. O-DOT crews were pre-treating roads on some of the main highways.

“We’re into that transition where we are going to start using it again, at least on the state highways. But drivers need to be diligent, because city and county roadways and some state highways where it’s in the shade, is going to remain cold until we get a warm up,” said ODOT Spokesman Gary Leaming.

The city of Medford is also starting to put more sand down on the roads.