White City Fire Under Investigation

7-17 FIRE 2 WHITE CITY, Ore. — A patio umbrella is believed to have started a grass fire near White City on Wednesday.

Investigators believe the umbrella was picked up by some wind, and hit nearby power lines, sparking a fire on Kershaw Road near Highway 140. The burning debris dropped onto the dry grass and quickly spread through an equipment storage yard, covering just over 5 acres.

It took more than an hour before the fire was contained and knocked down. Fire crews were also working against wind helping spread the fire.

“When the fire came in we had significant west-east wind and it blew the fire from the roadway… to the east very rapidly, so it definitely, it took us a moment to get in front of it,” said Mark Northrup with Jackson County Fire District 3

One outbuilding was damaged. The Oregon Department of Forestry, Medford Fire and Jackson County Fire District Three all responded to the fire.

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  1. Grammee R says:

    Just a moment to say THANK YOU to all the Emergency Personnel. who have been responding tirelessly to the effects of this hot, dry and dangerous Summer. It’s going to be a tough one until the fall rain comes and I hope that you all know that we are grateful for your due diligence. THANK YOU!!!

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