Crews Moving in to Touvelle State Park

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Lightning strikes in southern Oregon have caused several dozen wildfires to pop up. Those fires have caused tents to be set up at Touvelle State Park.

With the Beaver Complex burning, and more thunderstorms on the way, Touvelle State Park has become a base for the Oregon Department of Forestry.

“Part of our strategy is planning for what might come and so we want to make sure we have the resources here to deal with that in a timely fashion,” said O.D.F. Public Information Officer Angie Lane.

While O.D.F. is planning, firefighters are arriving.

“We’re not sure what our assignment is yet and we’re here and ready to go,” said firefighter Glenn Jones.

Friday, the incident management team two is focused on the Beaver Complex. Burning more than 100 acres east of Wimer, getting crews in, and a good look at the fire, has been challenging.

“It’s burning in very steep terrain some pretty heavy fuel and with the expected lightning we have coming, it’s important we get on this thing as quickly as possible,” said Lane.

The largest of the fires in the complex is the salt creek fire, and at 150 personnel are on scene, with more on the way. So far, air attack has been key and five helicopter and one air tanker have been used. Both fire crews and officials know they’re in it for the long haul.

“Every day, we’re probably going to be dealing with something,” said Lane.

“Just remaining calm, let’s see what our assignment is and let’s attack the fire aggressive but safely,” said Jones.

With more crews and resources headed to southern Oregon, and with more thunderstorms on the way, even more tents are expected to be popping up at Touvelle State Park.