Crews Mop Up Pacifica Fire

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WILLIAMS, Ore. –Today fire crews are mopping up the remains of the Pacifica fire.  Fire officials say the clean-up process could take weeks to complete.

The fire broke out Friday evening and burned more than 500 acres.  Currently, officials say the fire is contained and 80 percent of the area has been mopped up.

Fire officials are cutting back on help.  The strike team from Lane County was released this morning.  Lincoln, Linn and Marion county strike teams are still on the scene.  Oregon Department of Forestry wildland crews are also on the scene mopping up.

One car, one home, and six outbuildings were damaged total.

While most of the fire is put out, hot spots still exist.

“Some of those hot spots start to smoke up a little bit.  They are all well inside the fire line.  They’re working at those as quickly as they can. I wouldn’t be concerned if we don’t start seeing a little bit of smoke out there as they’re working on them, but as the week goes on, there should be fewer and fewer of those,” said Dan Shults of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Fire officials say residents should be aware of potential dangerous flare-ups and hazardous trees.