Crews Make Final Safety Checks for Fair

fair safetCENTRAL POINT, Ore. —   The last of the rides will be set up at the Jackson County Fair Monday night, and before everything opens up for families Tuesday, workers will be going over every ride with a fine-toothed comb to make sure they are safe.

The carnival company said it will test and inspect every ride Tuesday night, and again every morning during the fair.

They said the ride manufacturers set a checklist of everything that needs to be inspected, including bolts, wires, hydraulics and other machinery.

“They’re big machines, they move around,” said Michael Davis, who supervises the safety checks for the carnival employees. “We check the blocking underneath, we make sure all the pins stayed in all day long. And a lot of the machines, we might close them during the day for an hour, maybe 15 minutes, just to take a quick look.”

Workers will also have fire extinguishers ready in case of an emergency.