Crews From Canada Join Fire Fight


GLENDALE, Ore. — Fire crews from 40 states and one providence are here in Southern Oregon fighting the wildfires.

One fire crew is here all the way from Alberta, Canada. They flew in from Portland and then drove down to the Douglas Complex fire camp.

This is part of the Northwest Compact, an agreement between fire crews from several states and Canadian provinces. Some of the crew has been to the United States before, but for others this is their first time.

“It’s really different and interesting; the terrain is different, the fuel types are different,” firefighter Michelle Shesterniak said. “Right now it’s nice and hot and dry because it’s rainy and wet at home. Different processes and different policies, you know we are all here to put out the fire but the way we do it is slightly different.”

All firefighters in the Northwest Compact have equivalent training, which allows them to travel and fill in where they are needed. Crews part of the Compact here in the United States are required to have a passport so they can leave at a moments notice.