Crater High School Recovers From Flood

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — School is back in session for Crater High School. Students return Tuesday from over a week-long hiatus after a broken water main damaged one of the buildings on campus.

The school has constructed modular classrooms in order to make up for the parts of the campus that are still damaged. Principal Bob King says that five classrooms are still out of order, and could remain that way for up to a year.

The principal also says that the teachers are students are prepared to work through it. It is still unclear how much the water main burst cost the school. Except for those five classrooms, the rest of the school is safe for classes.

When Crater High School students head back to school for the first time in more than a week, they will not have access to health care. La Clinica says its health center at the school was severely damaged when a water main broke last week. Right now, there is no timeline for when the center will re-open.

The health center had been operating at the high school since the fall. In that time, it helped more than 250 students. Those high school students will likely feel the impact.

“If students are sick, they don’t have to leave school and miss school. So, the impact for us will be that we won’t be available to do that and keep the kids in class. They’ll have to either go see a doctor someplace else or be sick on Friday and see us then,” explained La Clinica Special Programs Director, Traci Fossen.

La Clinica’s therapist will continue working at the school; it will also send its mobile health center to the school once a week.