Crater Lake Shutdown Hits Small Business

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CRATER LAKE, Ore. — Barricades block the entrance to Crater Lake National park and the impact is felt by nearby businesses who depend on tourism and have taken a hit since the government shutdown began.

Thursday afternoon, Lynda Chapman flipped through the reservation book for the month of October at the Union Creek Resort and said there’s not a whole lot to see.

“I didn’t have any check-ins at all on Wednesday, these people were already here,” said Chapman.

Located less than 20 miles from Crater Lake’s entrance, there are significantly fewer people stopping by and almost no new reservations. Typically, the resort aims for at least 50 guests a night during October. Thursday night just four people rested up at the historic resort while others are calling trying to reschedule or cancel all together.

“That’s why they came here is to go to Crater Lake, so they don’t want to come because they can’t get into the lake,” said Chapman

The ripple effect of the shutdown continues across the street at Beckie’s Cafe.

“We had quite a few people cancel reservations across the street, so that impacts us over here,” said waitress Ginny Hanscom.

Fewer visitors and fewer guests staying the night mean fewer tips for the staff. Hanscom has been working at Beckie’s for 9 years and said she’s noticed a difference, but people are still coming in and those famous pies are still selling.

“We’re still a little busy, but I think we could be busier if crater lake was open, the weather’s nice, people just aren’t coming up,” said Hanscom.

For businesses around Crater Lake, rooms and appetites won’t be filled until the barricades are lifted.

The owner of Beckie’s Cafe said although fewer visitors are stopping by, it’s the business of loyal regulars that’s keeping the doors open.

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  1. Jeff says:

    How about we all go up to Crater Lake and enjoy a weekend… Its supposed to be a Pubic Park…

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